How To Increase Conversion Rate Using Live Chat

Live chat can play an effective role as an ecommerce conversion tool. In a recent article we talk about it at the one most forgotten tool for conversion rate optimization. It allows you to help customers and provide answers right when they are about to make a purchase therefore directly increasing conversion rate.

According to a study by IMShopping and Harris Interactive, 77% of people purchasing online would be interested in getting help from a real person before ultimately buying.


Click to chat functions represent the next generation of ecommerce customer service. In this article we are going to discuss about increasing conversion rate using a live chat service.




How much should you expect to increase conversion rate?


Businesses that use live chat usually report a 10 to 30% increase in conversion rate.

For example, the director of supply of Eric Houtkooper stated that, after adding a live customer chat service, in June 2012, conversion rate increased about 17 percent.

Another retailing website stated that conversion rate improved about 10 to 20 percent after customers started chatting with one of their associates.


Businesses selling complex products like online banks or insurance companies can see even better resluts when adding video to make the communication feel more personal.




Improve Customer Service


A live chat service plays a critical role in building trust for your business.

Offering live support is viewed at a proof that your business is legitimate and cares about customers.

In the customer’s mind it appears as a safety net in case there is any problem with the product they purchase. This becomes critical if you are selling expensive goods where customers don’t usually buy if they are not 100% sure they can get assistance if anything goes wrong.


Many marketers believe that concerns, problems or questions can create opportunities to increase website conversions.

It means that you shouldn’t treat someone’s concern as a threat to loose a customer. It is on the contrary an excellent opportunity to earn a life long customer.

Providing quick and fair solutions build trust and motivate the customer to make more purchase. Live chat’s main advantage is that it doesn’t require for customers to leave your website in order to contact you. They can even keep browsing your website while talking to you, making sure all there concerns are answered.




Increase conversion rate with proactive chat invites


Proactive chat invites are one of the best way to get new customers. Our solution allows you to set a number of rules (number of visits, time on site…) to show chat invitations to qualified visitors.


There are many ways you can use them to increase conversion rate:

– offer discounts to a precise group of customers (returning customers, coming from a campaign…)

– offer a chat conversation when you see they are hesitating (time spent on one page)

– send an invitation to all users viewing a special product page…


We pointed out some good practices for using proactive chat invitations in our “10 live video chat tips to make your customers fall in love with you”┬ápresentation that you should observe for better conversion.




Train your employees for live chat


In order to get the best out of your live chat solution you will have to train your customer service team.

The tool is pretty intuitive but chat is a new channel they might not be used to and this require training.

Most of your employees probably used chat outside of work in a more casual environment. A live chat conversation might be more casual than a phone one but you will still need to set rules for employees to follow.

Determine for example what level of language they should use and make sure they are not making too many spelling mistakes.


If you are a big company dealing with several channels of communication, it might also be a good idea to define which problems are going to be dealt with on chat.

We advise that you don’t redirect clients to another channel unless it is absolutely necessary. We would instead recommend to give chat access to employes with diverse qualifications so all questions can be answered on live chat.




Do you use live chat on your website to increase conversions? Would you add any other tips to the mix?

Share your thoughts in the comment section!




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