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Ultimate Guide on How to Collect Customer Feedback

Did you know that 78% of companies are not happy with their conversion rate? (That’s what econsultancy found out)

Yep, that’s right. You are not alone!

Even if you rule out those never-satisfied people, it’s still pretty fair to say that most of us suck at convincing people to click our buttons and fill-in our forms. Or at least think we suck.

Don’t you just wish you could catch your website visitors before they leave your website, look them in the eyes and ask them “WHY?” “Why won’t you buy my product?”.

But you can’t do that… Even if it was possible, it’s super creepy.

So you A/B test things, and look at data to answer the ultimate marketer’s question “What the hell is going on in my prospects’ mind?”.

Ok, wait a second here… What if I told you there’s a non creepy way to find out what people really think about your landing page?

All you need to do is step out of your comfort zone and go gather customer feedback.

And to save you the hours of research, here’s a list of awesome tools and website to help you gather quality feedback (you can also fill in the form below to get access to a Google Doc with a complete list of tools):

Join our inner circle to get a detailed list of 50+ tools and websites to get feedback on your landing pages

(+ a bonus questionnaire to help you define your page’s main focus)

1. Ask your “inner circle”

Before we get into online resources, take a good look at your inner circle (friends, family…).

You know how you start missing the most obvious things when you work on something for too long?
Always try to get the opinion of someone outside of your field of work.
If they understand what you do, there’s a good chance your clients will get it too.

Here’s a quick test you can run: Have friends look at your page for 10 seconds and ask them what the page is about after.

If they can’t tell you what you are selling, your landing page is clearly not working. Luckily you’ve caught that early and you can work on your headline and pictures to make sure your main message gets across in less than 10 seconds.

If your friends can’t tell what your are selling, your landing page clearly sucks!

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The second step is to look for experienced marketers in your inner circle. If you’re lucky enough to be close to some conversion optimization experts, don’t hesitate to ask them for their opinion.
They will likely see things your beginner’s eye would never spot. This will save you precious time later on.

2. Gather Customer Feedback Directly On Your Landing Page

A great way to improve your pages “as you go” is to ask for feedback directly on your landing page.

It implies that you already have a good idea of which market you want to target.
It will help you either confirm your idea and improve on your copy or find out early on that you are maybe not targeting the right people.

Either way, it’s an amazing way to get direct feedback from potential clients.

Here are few tools you can try out to gather this kind of feedback:

– Add a Live Chat Window To Your Page

add live chat on landing page for feedback

We’ve received some really good feedback about our website using live chat and I now consider it an essential tool to have on any landing page.

A chat window can be a powerful lead generation tool when used right and we see more and more small businesses implementing it early on to get more insights on their target market.

After noticing this, we decided to offer a free for life starter CustomerIcare plan to make it easier for smaller businesses to get started.

You will, of course, need to be available to answer chats at least during few hours a day. But you’ll still be able to gather feedback (and leads) while offline with the integrated message form.

Want to read more about using live chat on landing pages?
Check out our Slideshare presentation: Why You Should Use Live Chat On Your Landing Pages

– Use an Exit Intent Pop-up

exit intent pop-up to gather feedback on landing page

Angus Lynch wrote an excellent article for Unbounce about how exit-intent pop-ups can help making your landing page offer more persuasive.

Those pop-ups are usually used to collect emails, but they’re quite easy to customize and turn into a feedback tool.

Here are two excellent and rather affordable solutions:

They might not be the cheapest solution but they’ve been around for a while and offer a large range of features. You can easily customize the window for feedback collection by adding a contact form inside it.

If you’re on a tight budget, they offer the exit-intent technology at a more affordable price than Optin Monster. Their team also confirmed me the pop-up can be customized in order to collect feedback.

– The Obvious Solution: Use a Feedback App

add a feedback app to landing page

Unlike pop-up apps that mostly specialize in lead generation, feedback apps are built to help you collect, well, feedback.

Here are 3 solutions definitely worth your attention if you are a startup or small business:

They let you add a simple window that will show up at the bottom of your page like the chat window. You can then choose to run a survey or show a simple question followed by message field.
I really like the simple and functional design of their feedback window.
It might seem like a detail but it makes the overall experience more enjoyable for your visitors.

Unlike UserVoice who recently decided to offer a complete customer service solution,Qualaroo focuses on one thing only: collecting feedback.
If you are looking for a simple tool that will let you do just that, they are the best choice here.

I just stumbled upon this solution recently and I have to say it looks really promising! They let you run feedback surveys, capture leads or create simple CTA forms directing visitors to a free resource or article.

– Add a Simple Contact Us Form

Add a contact form on your landing page

Let’s not forget about the basics!

You can easily tweak any contact us form to turn it into a feedback tool.
Just change its title for “Do you have any feedback for us? Anything you would change about this page?”.
Most visitors will probably ignore it but it should help you collect very useful feedback from at least few potential customers.

There are tons of amazing contact form options out there and I suppose you are already using one so I won’t list them.

If you are just getting started and are using WordPress, you can check out this great list of Contact Form plugins by Megan Totka.

3. Ask For Help In Online Communities and Forums

Believe me, they are going to become one your best allies in your search for the perfect landing page.

Forums are far from dead!
They just matured and (much like George Clooney) are much sexier than they used to be (ok some of them at least).

Since I love you, please enjoy this list of the hottest online communities as per today and my own personal judgement: ask for feedback about landing page group

It’s the hella good looking baby of Hubspot and it’s already a huge resource for all online marketers out there.

They recently opened a group where you can post your landing page to get feedback on it.
I strongly recommend you check it out if you want quality advice from experienced marketers.


GrowthHackers Community for Landing Page Feedback

That’s where all the cool growth hacking kids share articles about how they increase conversions and gain new customers. But it’s also a great place to get feedback on your landing page.

Just select “Ask Question” on the Submit page and ask away!

Hacker News

get landing page feedback on hacker news

It’s a really active but extremely tech savvy community.
I am not a big fan of the design but it’s definitely the number one community for all tech/startup related questions.

You can ask people to review your landing page under the Ask section.
Just remember to write a clear and genuine description of what kind of feedback you’re looking for before posting a link to your page.
Trust me, if you’re only looking to boost traffic, and couldn’t care less about feedback, members will be able to tell!

Small Today

get landing page feedback on small today

Founded by the owner of one of the biggest small business and startup groups on Linkedin, the community has been steadily growing since its launch at the end of 2014.

There’s a special category to ask for feedback called the Dragon’s Den.
You might not get as many comments there than your would on HN, GH or Inbound but you’re 100% sure to get reviews from experienced small business owner who’ve been through landing page design before.

There are also a great number of experienced marketers and web designers who will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Just remember to read the rules and introduce yourself in the new members section beforehand.

Warrior Forum

ask for landing page feedback on warrior forum

Owned by, this is one of the biggest and most active Digital Marketing forums out there.

You can ask for feedback or help with your landing page on the conversion optimization category.

Just remember that the principle of a community is to give before you ask for a favor.
I am not familiar with Warrior Forum rules but it never hurts to show other members you actually want to be part of the community and not just leech on their knowledge.

The Fastlane Forum

ask for landing page feedback on the fastlane forum

The forum focuses on helping entrepreneurs achieve success.
Based on the ideas of the book “The Millionaire Fastlane”, it is a great place to meet motivated entrepreneurs.

There’s a feed dedicated to Marketing, Sales, Social Media and Copywriting where people post advice but also ask for landing page and website reviews.

– Find other forums in your niche

Forums I listed above are great starting points if you own or are working for a startup or small business.
Just keep in mind that those communities are rather internet and tech oriented.

The good thing is that they are used to building and seeing landing pages.

The bad thing is that they might not be representative of your target audience.

If you are looking for more specific advice from people in your industry, you can run a quick google search for forums in your niche.
Since Google disabled the custom search for forums (discussions) you can just use a simple search structure: [insert name of your niche] + forum. For example “fashion forum”.

I’d also suggest you look for lists of the “best” forums in your niche. Just add “best” at the beginning of the search and enjoy the work of others!

If you are going ask for reviews there, just remember that forums are based on exchange and conversations so take time to answer a few other feeds before posting your question.

Forum marketing can be extremely beneficial for your business, without mentioning all the interesting like-minded people you can meet there. But that’s a topic for another article…

Social Media Networks

Social media might not be as social as I’d wish it was, but it’s still a great place to connect with others.

Here, targeting more professional networks should help you gather quality landing page feedback.


get feedback on your landing page on quora

I really like Quora.

If you’re looking for feedback or just have a question, that’s where you should go!
The crowd there is quite business minded and you’ll find a lot of successful entrepreneurs.

To get feedback on your landing page just post a new question along those lines “Need feedback on my new landing page” “What do you think about my new landing page (please be brutally honest)”. Or anything asking for help/advice/opinion…

Add the link to your landing page in the description after a small text summarizing why you are asking for feedback and few words about your company.

You’ll then be able to ask people to answer your question.
Quora will probably not suggest you anyone labelled “free to ask” but most people still don’t require you to pay Quora credits to get their opinion. What I usually do is I search for a topic (in that case marketing, startup, landing page…), look at the list of members and then search for their name manually in the “ask people to answer” window.

It takes a bit longer but it’s worth it.

If you’re already active on Quora and have Quora credits, you can also promote your question to get it viewed by more people.


Ask For Landing Page Feedback On Reddit

The Reddit community hates spammers but they love to help out by giving their opinion.

Check out the r/startups and r/entrepreneur subreddits to ask for feedback on your landing page.

Just remember to include a short text or description explaining why you need help before you put a link.
I’ve seen people asking for feedback on both subreddits so this kind of post is actually welcome if you appear to be genuinely looking for help and not just promoting your business.


linkedin groups to ask for feedback

You can start by InMailing people in your network asking for their opinion.
Don’t spam them if they don’t answer right away. It’s just a good way to collect few ideas from people you already know.

Once you’ve done that, search for Linkedin groups in your niche or focused on marketing.

The only problem with those groups is that most of users aren’t active commenters. Some read and a lot of them just post links to their own content making it hard to actually get noticed.

To save you the pain of waiting for feedback that will never come, here are 5 rather active groups where you should be able to get some answers:
Inbound Marketers
Small Business Network By Staples
Ecommerce and Online Marketing Experts

Include the link to your website at the end of your description and not in the title to avoid looking like spam.
I also suggest you don’t show the link preview as lots of group owners might flag it as spam and never publish your post all together.

Don’t forget to regularly check on your posts and take part in the conversation.
You’ll get to know way more this way and might even meet potential customers along the way.

Try Professional User Testing & Reviews

Very popular with web designers, these solutions will help you get your landing page in front of testers.

I would recommend you test at least one of the following solutions to get in-depth feedback from people who are used to review websites.

– Paid User Testing Solutions

Landing page feedback with paid usability tests

It’s a very simple way to get some high quality reviews. Of course, nothing great comes free so you’ll need to pay for your reviews.

However, here’s why I think it’s worth it:
All you’ll need to do is post a link or screenshot of your website and eventually prepare some questions for the testers. The apps will then take care of looking for qualified testers for you.

Here are 2 very good solutions for you to look at:

If you are looking for a simple, straight forward solution, they’re your best bet.
All you need to do is: choose a plan depending on how many participants you want to test your landing page, enter your landing page URL and they’ll take care of the rest!
Note that testers are US based, so you’ll have to be targeting the american marketing for it to be valuable feedback.

It’s a more complex but more complete solution that lets you design a whole process testers have to go through when reviewing your landing page.
You can ask them to perform tasks or answer questions.
In the end, you will receive a video recording of what users did on your site with audio comments from them.

Both are a great way to have a first external opinion about your landing page from a less tech savvy crowd.

– Free Usability Testing Communities

5 seconds usability test

I created a separate category because most of those communities are free to join and work on a “you get what you give” system. You will basically need to review other landing pages to get reviews on your own.

Here are 3 awesome solutions I stumbled upon while doing some research:

Usability Hub
It’s the perfect solution if you are looking to run a quick test and don’t really need in-depth data. I just tried it out as a tester and I have to say I really like it.
It’s free to use, and offers the possibility to run different types of tests: 5 seconds, A/B, Funnel Flow or Click tests.
It’s definitely a great way to get first feedback on a concept or a precise element with A/B test.

Concept Feedback
I haven’t personally used it yet but they offer reviews from UX and design professionals.
The service is free but you’ll need to review 5 other websites or concepts before being able to post your own design.

Their service is free and quite similar to Concept Feedback.
There is no review requirement to post your page but the more websites you’ll review afterwards, the more reviews you will receive for your own website.

Page Fights by Unbounce and ConversionXL

Page fights with unbounce and conversionXL

Would you like to have your page reviewed by Oli Gardner and Peep Laja? That’s what Page Fights is all about.

They record videos where they analyze and criticize Landing Pages.

You can submit your landing page and see if it gets picked up to appear on the show.

I also strongly recommend you watch few episodes.
I just went through a whole episode and picked up a lot of valuable tips.
If, like me, you find it easier to learn with precise examples than general guidelines, you’ll love this.

KickoffLabs Live Landing Page Reviews

KickoffLabs Landing Page Reviews offers free professional landing page reviews which normally cost well into the hundreds of $$$’s.

They give awesome, useful advice and answer questions in real time with a live chat box.

They generally go through about 5-10 pages every webinar (which means you get a greater chance for a review).

I encourage you to check out their latest review session and sign up for the next one!

To sum it all up… Go gather feedback. NOW!

You know what, let’s make a deal:

Post a link to your landing page in the comments with a small description of what you are using it for and I’ll give you your first feedback on it!

Don’t tell me what you are selling, I just need to know from where people arrive to your page!

Sounds good?
Let’s make this your first step on your feedback quest then!

Because, I care.

PS: We’ll publish an article about how to use the feedback you collected soon so stay tuned or join our inner circle (form below) to get an email when the article comes out.

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