5 Amazing Articles About The Power Of Video Marketing

Video Marketing is the hottest trend in the online marketing industry. Everyday 100 Million internet users watch a video online and this number is expected to grow dramatically in the next few years. But does that mean it is the right format to advertise your business? The answer is yes! Did you know that people that view a product video are 85% more likely to buy the product?


This friday we decided to select 5 top articles about Video Marketing for you before releasing our own article next week (Yes stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to see it!).




8 Reasons Every Ecommerce Site Should Get Serious About Video



Nice article on the advantages of video marketing. 2 main advantages are discussed here:

Videos go viral really easily and it increase your SEO score with much efforts

Customers loooove videos and they will buy and become loyal more easily after watching one

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10 Live Video Chat Tips to make your customers fall in love with you



We published a SlideShare presentation a for Valentine’s Day that got feature on SlideShare’s homepage and got us some great attention. The presentation gives tips to our customers on how they can use video chat to make their clients fall in love with them. It’s never a bad time to spread the love!


10 live video chat tips to make your customers fall in love with you from Customericare




The Distilled Guide to Online Video Marketing



Really complete guide on how to build an effective Video Marketing campaign. Distilled walks you through the whole process from idea generation to measuring performance. If you are like me and have a more visual memory you will love it. The guide is full of useful graphics and videos as well as links to other resources.

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The secret to viral video marketing



The main point of the article is to make marketers understand that you have to set your own virality goals. Going truly viral and getting more 100 million views is like winning the lottery, you can learn few tips but in the end luck plays the biggest part in your success.

“With that in mind, smaller brands with more limited budgets should perhaps define “viral” on their own terms.”

In other words, what good would it do to a company selling fishing equipment to go viral among 15 year old girls? The ultimate goal for you is to go viral in your own niche. That’s how you will measure the success of your video marketing campaign.

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25 Amazing Video Marketing Statistics



“75% Of Users Visit The Marketer’s Website After Viewing A Video” Did you know that? I didn’t. This is really great if you are looking for numbers to use in presentations or articles or are just curious about how effective Video Marketing is.

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And since we are talking about video here’s a video bonus for you about (you got it) Video Marketing!


The Power of Online Video – The Stats 2013





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