Attract More Millennial Customers With Live Chat

What you’ll learn in this article:

– Why millennial customers prefer live chat
– How to handle more complex queries on chat with younger customers
– How to make your live chat window more attractive to millennial customers


Thinking about adding live chat to your website?

Awesome Idea! (Ok, I might be a little biased)

In all seriousness, the awesomeness level of your idea apparently depends on the age of your customers.

According to a recent study by the customer service systems evaluation firm Software Advice, millennial customers are much more likely to use live chat than their older counterparts.

This means that you won’t be implementing live chat the same way weather your customers are 30 or 60.


Live Chat as A Main Contact Channel For Millennial Customers

“Are you crazy, people still prefer to call or email us!”

I’ll give you this one. It is true, people still prefer using channels they are highly familiar with.

Give it few years and people will see live chat as the main way to go.

Millennials are already frequent live chat users.

In their study, Software Advice found that more than 65% of millennials used live chat at least once to contact a company. Even more interestingly, almost 20% of them said they used chat “many times”.

Millennial Customers Use Live Chat More Than Others

It makes sense.
Millennials already switched to chat for personal, and work communications. Just look at how successful Slack is today!


Millennial customers want everything right here, right now!

The internet drastically changed the way we shop.

Before, if you wanted to compare offers you’d have to go to different shops, write everything down, compare and return to the shop with the best offer.
Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I still remember when my parents purchased a new car few years ago. They went to 3-4 different insurance companies to compare their offers.
Actually, I’m 100% sure they’d still do that today!

But would I do that? Nope!
I’d probably run a quick google search for car insurance price comparison and select few contestants with the best price/reviews.

Then I’d go to the chosen companies’ websites and look for more information. If any of them offers to have a quick chat conversation at this point they’d most definitely win me as a client!


Because they made it quick and simple for me to purchase!

On the other hand, if you are not here to answer my questions right away, I’ll move on to the next offer.

Timing is everything with millennial customers.

Do you know their main reasons for choosing live chat over phone?
– No hold time
– Convenience

Reasons for choosing live chat over phone


Millennials are willing to use chat for more complex queries

People are still mostly using live chat for simple queries or questions related to online shopping.

If older shoppers still prefer to call, it is not a big surprise that younger ones have already switched to live chat.

Millennial customers prefer live chat for simple queries

live chat queries about online shopping

I as I said before, these results shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Live chat is a quick and convenient way to get a simple answer to your simple question.

It follows the same logic as Calling VS Texting.
You call is you have a question you know won’t be answered in few words or if you have few questions. You text is you have a question requiring a simple and straight-forward answer.

What surprised me in the study was the percentage of millennial customers willing to use chat for financial inquiries.

As you can see in the chart below, more than 40% of millennials (18-34) would prefer to use chat over phone.

Millennials live chat for financial queries

Why I think you should pay close attention to this chart:
– Companies don’t plan to use live chat for complex queries (well they should)
– Young customers trust chat systems with their personal data

The example of financial issues is a perfect one here. I remember running a quick survey on a LinkedIn group for hard of hearing people. I asked them if they liked using text based chat to contact customer service.
You know what they told me?
It is a lot more convenient for them to chat but almost all of them had a bad experience with banks or financial institutions asking them to call because they couldn’t deal with their issue on chat.

Chat systems as highly secured nowadays. If your customers trust chat and want to discuss issues there, why force them to call?

If you are catering to millennials you should start considering live chat one of your main channels of communication and be ready to handle all queries there.


How To Make Your New Live Chat System Work For Millennials?

Live Chat can become one of your greatest assets when working with Millennials. However, you’ll need to make sure your customer chat experience answers their needs.

Here’s what you can do to make live chat an attractive channel for millennials:

– make sure your team can handle most common queries directly on chat (both sales and customer service)
– answer quickly and keep answers short (don’t set up long automated answers or copy paste entire parts of your website)
– set up proactive chat invites to show customers you are here to help (more on that here)
– adopt a more casual tone (stay professional but prefer using short, easier words to sound more natural)
– follow-up with an email when necessary

If you want to win customers over, focus on helping them save time and find the best option. Don’t try to oversell or convince them to buy something they didn’t ask for.

Business is not only about numbers, it’s about how you connect with customers!



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