Latest News In Our Live Chat Development Cycle



14.07.2015 – More Customization Options For Your Operator Profiles

You might not want to give full access to all features to all your operators and we get that.
You now get more control over the access you want to give each operators and build profiles that fit your unique needs!


Customize your live chat operators access options


In order to manage your operators’ access options, just go to “Customize” > “Operators” (first icon under Team) > Click on the name of the operator you want to manage > Click on “Advanced Options” in the top right-hand corner.


29.04.2015 – Set up goals to tracks sales coming from your chats

Live chat is a powerful sales tool and you will now have the numbers to prove it!

Setting up a goal couldn’t be simpler!
1. Go to the “Settings” section of your admin panel and click the “Goals” menu under the Tools section.
2. Enter the URL address of the “success” page your visitors see after they make a purchase or open an account

setting up goals for live chat sales

That’s it!
You’ll now be able to see how many visitors made a purchase after chatting with one of your consultants in the “Reporting” section under the Goals menu.

tracking sales made with live chat



29.04.2015 – CustomerIcare just had a makeover

Spring is coming and we thought it was time to give the app and the chat window a bit of a makeover.

We are proud to introduce:

– a smaller, simpler and less invasive chat window

Customericare new live chat window

– a more functional menu for our admin panel

customericare live chat new admin panel



10.04.2015 – Legal disclaimer (yikes!) and 3x more speed for live chat

We’ve been working on a cool feature to comply with US TCPA requirements and it’s here!

Some technical voodoo was also applied and now our app works 3 times faster.

Live chat window legal disclaimer



03.03.2015 – Drupal Extension available!

What’s Drupal? It’s a big CMS.
What does the plugin do? It adds a chat box on Drupal so you don’t have to worry about coding. Why is it so cool then? It’s free!

Live chat on your Drupal site is available for download right away!

free live chat for drupal

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24.02.2015 – International live chat

New languages available in our app include Spanish, French, German, Russian and Polish.
More to come, stay tuned!



20.02.2015 – Magento Extension available!

Finally we’re proud to introduce our Free Magento Live Chat extension.
Video, audio, chat, conversions and customer support in an all-in-one bundle await your Magento’s doorstep.

free Live chat for Magento

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12.02.2015 – Joomla! Extension available!

Our techs are on fire!
First WordPress, now Joomla! Wow! Easy setup, few clicks and you get a beautiful chat box on your Joomla! website.

free live chat for Joomla!

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11.02.2015 – Quick Responses to the rescue

Live chat canned responses

You can chat with multiple customers.
To manage 5 or more you need to be an extremely fast typer.

What if you could supercharge your typing skills by using contextual, pre-written responses for frequently asked questions?
See for yourself. Your CustomerICare app already has that feature in place!

Have a look at this article from SocialMediaToday on the subject to learn more about a real-life business use case for this feature!



02.02.2015 – WordPress Live Chat Plugin available!

The WordPress-CustomerICare live chat integration is one thing.
The ability to install it straight from your /wp-admin and no-hassle licence management is another.
Happy chatting guys!



19.01.2015 – Zendesk integration available!

Live Chat for Zendesk

Customer service software and support ticket software by ZendeskĀ®. Web-based help desk software used by 40000+ organizations worldwide.

From now on you can easily send offline messages from CustomerICare Livechat straight into Zendesk as support tickets.
It happens automatically so you can keep track of all your cases with ease!

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18.01.2015 – WordPress integration available!

Live Chat for WordPress

Content Management Systems or CMS for short are the way to go when you need to quickly set up an easily editable website.
Wordpress is by far the champion of this field.

Don’t take our word for it.
Read more at Mashable. An integration was bound to happen, so behold – Livechat for WordPress goes live!

From now on you can easily add a live chat box to WordPress websites, be it an alternative means of communication or primary channel for customer contact via chat, video or audio.

Mind the other integrations and things start to become really interesting!

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12.01.2015 – Share documents through live chat

This one’s a keeper!
We listened and learned.

After hours of testing we enabled file sending from customers to live chat operators and vice versa. No more need for e-mail swapping.
File sharing can’t get easier.

Click the send button and choose your document. Simple as that!

We’ve also fixed a couple of stability bugs to make sure the app works fast.



23.12.2014 – Lead generation automation via live chat triggers

CustomerICare can target buyers, confused customers, prospective leads, reduce shopping cart abandonment by triggering chats with adequate, custom messages.

This update increased our live chat volumes by 20% and made the customer experience even better!

Live Chat triggers



22.12.2014 – Department selection via Pre-Chat forms

Customers can now save some time and get accurate help.
Instead of being transferred around they can simply select to chat with specific departments within your organization.

Fear not!
If they connect with the wrong department your agents can still transfer them to whomever is able to help!

Skill based routing



22.12.2014 – New server, more power, less latency

Our engineers have launched an additional server in order to maintain load balancing and guarantee that our service runs smoothly and fast.

Live chat server processing power requirements dropped to a minimum while gaining speed, enhancing performance and allowing us to add even more cool features!



20.12.2014 – Notification and usability tweaks

  • New chat notifications for out-of-focus customers
  • Chat notifications on browser tabs
  • Chat window positioning: left, right, margin configuration
  • Video chat: miniature view of the agent while chatting



19.12.2014 – In-App Support available!

We have added a support button in our live chat app.
From now on you can quickly contact our support team and get help with live chat implementation, customization and best practices!

Try it out!

Live Chat SaaS Help



18.12.2014 – Introducing updates!

We’re excited to announce that from now on we will be informing you about our progress in developing our live chat solution for you guys!

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