Use A Live Chat App To Spot Qualified Traffic In Real Time

Live chat app to spot qualified traffic before they leave


Have you ever looked at reports from Google Analytics and thought to yourself: Why? Why didn’t they convert?
Yea, me too…

Analytics give you a bunch of numbers and some of them look really interested in your product. Yes, I am thinking of you the person who looks at 5+ pages, check out prices, go to the signup page and… just leaves.

Analytics, Google or else, are frustrating. They give you a lot of insight but leave so many unanswered questions. Without mentioning the fact that when you look at numbers, website visitors are long gone.

So what can you do?


Take Advantage Of Real Time Monitoring In Your Live Chat App


real time monitoring inside a live chat app


The ability to see who is browsing your website in real time is often mentioned by our customers as a real plus for our live chat app.

When I started using CustomerIcare to chat with customers, I saw the real time analytics feature as a bit of a gadget. It has a really cool factor but you can’t just be glued to your screen 24/7 and look at who is browsing your website.

With time, I learned to use it smartly and I would have a really hard time working without it now.

Now, what do I mean by “using it smartly”?
It would be insane to spend the entire day looking at traffic coming in and out. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Here are 3 ways I like using the monitoring function inside our live chat app:

– Few minutes here and there during down time
I’ll usually have our app opened throughout the day and take a peak once in a while. If I see anyone that seems interested, I’ll send them a manual chat invitation if I see they didn’t receive any automated ones.

– After promoting a new article
Another thing I really like doing is going to the app right after I finished promoting a new article on channels like Hacker News. This often results in a small peak of traffic I can engage.

– While I am chatting
Finally, I’ll always keep an eye on incoming traffic while I am chatting. It can sometimes take few minutes for customers to reply if they are browsing your website while chatting. Monitoring traffic allows me to stay inside the app while not just loosing my time waiting for an answer.

There is a catch though. This mostly works if you are a small business with less than 20-30 concurrent visitors on your website. If you have hundreds of them, needless to say you won’t be able to see much.


Why Real-Time Analytics + Live Chat Is A Winning Combination For Small Businesses


Invite visitors to live chat with you based on analytics


When you are a small business or startup like us, every single visitor counts. It is hard enough to bring people to your website, it is just heartbreaking to see them leave without knowing why.

Live chat won’t keep everyone from leaving but it can help you save a few visitors and turn in more sales.
We know how valuable that is when you are getting started!

How does real time monitoring work?

Nothing better than an image to explain it. So here’s a screenshot of what it looks like into the CustomerIcare app:

live chat app real time monitoring


You can see what part of the world visitors come from, the url they are browsing, which website they came from (Google, Twitter…), how long they’ve been browsing your website, if they are returning visitors…

Just signup for a free trial to check out where your visitors are coming from right now:

I’m curious… Take me to the signup page so I can check it out!


All this will help you spot the most “qualified” visitors that you will then be able to invite to chat with a personal message.
It would be like coming up to shoppers in a brick and mortar shop to offer your help. Offline, service is often what makes the difference between huge chains and small local stores. Online, live chat can help you stand out the same way.


What If You Don’t Have Time To Invite People To Chat Yourself? Enters The Automated Invite


How to save time on live chat real time monitoring


We know that staffing live chat is often a problem for small business owners.
You don’t have the traffic to hire a full time chatter and other employees don’t have time to sit in front of live chat and invite people all day.

That’s ok!

We don’t have much time to spare either and that’s why we mostly use our trigger feature to set up automated chat invitations.

You can select few factors that will cause the chat window to popup as if you started a chat. It could be time spend on site, number of page views, where the visitor is from…
Possibilities are endless!

This might take some time to set up at first but it will save you a huge amount of time in the future. So, yeah, it’s worth it!

And the best part is that, once triggers are set up, you can keep the app open throughout the day and get on with your other activities instead of waiting for chats inside the app.


The Future Of Live Chat Lies In More Backstage, Smart Automation


Why you need automation in your live chat app


I insist on the “backstage” aspect of automation. Live chat still needs to be human powered if you want it to be successful.

However, automation will help you enhance the power of human service!

By doing the dirty, repetitive part of the job for you.
That’s what automated invitations do and that’s were we want to take CustomerIcare in the future.

The goal is not to automate the conversation but to automate the process to help you get more conversations with customers.

We believe in the fact that people buy from people.
You just need to show them that there are human beings behind your website!

Do you want to show customers the human side of your business? Why not give live chat a try!

Alright, I’m in! Let’s go to the signup page and open an account

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