Is The CustomerIcare Free Live Chat Plan Free Forever?

Looking for a free live chat solution for your website? You’ve come to the right place!

The CustomerIcare free plan is free forever and gives you access to all existing features with some small limitations. It’s the perfect plan if you are just getting started or have a small business and a tight budget.


Can I Stay On The Free Live Chat Plan Forever?


Sure you can! You can keep using our free plan for as long as it fits your needs.
We believe in live chat as a powerful sales tool and our bet is that it will help you grow and you will help us grow in return!

We just want to give you the chance to get a full live chat experience without having to spend a buck.


Can I Upgrade Or Downgrade Whenever I Want?


You can manage your subscription preferences in the upgrade tab of our admin panel any time.


Upgrading to the Prestige Care plan:

Upgrade from free live chat plan to prestige plan

1. Go to the Upgrade tab inside your admin panel
2. Select the Prestige Plan
3. Choose your number of seats (number of operators logged in at the same time)
4. Choose between monthly and annual billing
5. Select your payment method and proceed


Downgrading from Prestige to the Freemium plan:

Activate the free live chat plan inside CustomerIcare

1. Go to the Upgrade tab inside your admin panel
2. Select the Freemium Plan
3. Click activate


Note that you can also add and delete seats from your Prestige plan at anytime.

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