[Infographics] The Untapped Potential Of Ecommerce Video Chat

Video chat is one of the fastest growing channel of communication. The number of calls made is expected to reach 30 billion by 2015 and the number of video chat users is expected to grow from 63 Million active users in 2010 to 380 in 2015.



People are getting used to the technology and are not only using it with family and friends anymore:

60% of hiring managers have conducted a job interview through video chat (Entrepreneur)

More than 80% of them find video both time and cost saving. Job applicants also share that vision saying that it saves them the cost of transportation and allow them to schedule more interviews in one day. A good way for them to find a job way faster than with regular in-person interviews.

37% of Skype users reported to use the software for business purposes (Wharton-UPen)

7% of US doctors video chat with their clients on a regular basis (Healthcare IT News)


And did you know that 36% of customers would like to use video chat with customer support? (Talkdesk)


Find out more about video chat in the infographics bellow:



The untapped potential of ecommerce video chat Infographics




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