Increase Sales With Live Chat On Your Ecommerce Store

What you’ll learn in this article:

– How to promote your chat consultants as experts like Nordstrom
– How to reduce shopping cart abandonment with proactive chat invitations
– How to build relationships with visitors who aren’t yet ready to buy


There’s one question all ecommerce store owners asks themselves at least once:
“How can I compete with Amazon?”

My answer to that: Just don’t. Don’t see them as your direct competitor.

You’ll probably never be able to sell everything like Amazon does but you can beat them in your niche.
With unique products and top-notch service.

Now, let’s see how you can offer top-notch service and increase sales with live chat!


1. Give Customers A Chance to Chat With Experts


When I say “experts”, I don’t mean you need to be the Martha Stewart of your industry.
You and your staff know more about your product than 99% of customers and this makes you “experts”.


Why experts and not regular consultants?

Because people trust “experts” a lot more than “consultants”.

They trust their opinion, their recommendations and eventually just agree to delegate a bit of their own decision making because it just makes their life a lot easier.

Before you take the leap and start renaming all your consultants experts, make sure they meet these requirements:
– they really know your product and have used it themselves
– they have a personal interest in your industry and keep track of new trends
– they are not required to follow a script


The example of Nordstrom:


Example of live chat ecommerce sales with operators as experts


They build trust by promoting different experts and give you a good reason to chose them by offering very valuable advice for free.


How can you set this up on your ecommerce website?

– Change the text on your chat button

Chat window text advertise operators as experts

The simplest way to advertise your staff as experts is to change the message on your chat window to something along these lines: “Chat with our [insert name of industry] experts”.

– Divide your chat team into different “departments”

live chat departments to increase ecommerce sales

Like Nordstorm, you can offer different expert services with the use of chat departments.

Departments let you organize your chat consultants in different groups depending on their skills.
Customers then get to chose which department they wish to contact.

– Fill in your chat operators’ job position with “[insert name of industry] expert”

live chat operators experts to increase ecommerce sales

Most companies don’t take full advantage of the “Position” field in their operators profiles and just fill it in with “customer service” or “advisor”.
This won’t hurt your company but you can easily increase trust by creating more prestigious job position names.


2. Rescue Shopping Carts From Abandonment


We wrote an entire article full of useful tips to lower your shopping cart abandonment rate.
Since there’s no point in repeating ourselves, we’re only going to focus on how live chat can help you here.


Set up automated chat invitations to show during check out

As I wrote in my guest post for LanderApp, most customers won’t ask for help until you offer. This is especially true during check out.

If something goes wrong, most people will just leave your website really frustrated they were not able to order what they wanted.
Needless to say very few will come back after that.

That’s where what we call proactive chat invitations can help.

live chat automated invitation for ecommerce sales

We’ve wrote before about how useful they are for lead generation but they can also be used for support.

You can easily set up an invitation to show up at any point of the check out process to tell customers you are here if they have questions.

If you want to learn a bit more about how proactive chat invitations work, check out the presentation below:


What The Hell Are Proactive Chat Invites (And Why Should You Even Care) from Customericare


How to set up customer friendly live chat invitations

Proactive chat invites, or triggers, can be a bit tricky to use if you don’t want to annoy your customers.

That’s why we’ve put together a set of predefined rules you can use for shopping cart rescue triggers.


Name of Trigger

Invitation Text

Trigger Settings

Any Questions? Hi! I am here if you have any questions during your check out. ”URL the client is browsing” contains [URL of check-out page]
Technical Problem It looks like a technical problem came up while you were checking out. Would you like me to help you finalize the transaction? “URL the client is browsing” contains [URL of Check-out Error Page]
Check-out taking a long time Do you need help with anything? I’d be more than happy to walk you through the check out process. “URL the client is browsing” contains [URL Check-out page]


“Time on website” is greater than [insert average time spent on check-out] seconds

Local delivery tips Hi! I noticed you are from Chicago. Did you know that you can have your items ordered to our local store and avoid delivery costs? “URL the client is browsing” contains [URL of Check-out page]


“Visitor’s city” contains [insert name of city where you have a brick and mortar store]


3. Focus on Building Relationships With Ecommerce Customers


Back when we wrote our Polite Done Right ebook, I had a lot of chats with ecommerce shops to gather examples of good and bad practices.


The Example of Zappos

The only company that truly blew me away was Zappos.

I didn’t feel like I was chatting with their customer service team, I felt like I was having a friendly conversation with an actual person.


How to train your live chat team for relationship building

I didn’t just get lucky with Zappos, they actually train chat operators to focus on building long lasting relationships.

If you want to achieve the same, focus on these simple rules:
– Make it a goal for customer service representatives to connect with each customer on a personal level
– Don’t put time limits on chat conversations
– Focus on customer satisfaction before sales (for Zappos this means sending customers to competitors if they think it is the right call)
– Follow up on chat conversations with relevant information (ex: you are selling a new product you think the customer would like)


Let’s Sum It All Up: 3 Steps to Increase Sales With Live Chat


Step 1: Offer your expertise

Give your chat operators some credit and make them experts in their field.

Step 2: Offer your help during check out

It’s probably the most crucial step in your sales funnel and losing your customer there is really frustrating.

Step 3: Focus on building long-lasting relationships

People visiting your website aren’t always ready to buy right away but it doesn’t mean they won’t in the near future. Use live chat to start building a relationship with them and secure future sales.



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