Add Live Video Chat Support To Your Website

What you’ll learn in this article:

  • – How to add a video chat window to your website in 2 minutes
  • – Which businesses benefit the most from video chat support and why
  • – What you need to offer the best video chat experience to customers


You’ve probably used video chat to talk to clients or colleagues before.
I can’t tell you how many Skype meetings I’ve set with people from all around the world. It’s been so important for us to have access to a tool allowing us to reach out to oversea customers for free!

The thing is, Skype is convenient for longer meetings scheduled in advance but it’s not the most instant or practical way to communicate with customers.

That’s why we created CustomerIcare. We built an easy to implement live chat window with added video and audio capabilities, so your customers can initiate a video chat right on your website!
Yup, no need to download an external software, ask for your customer’s user name, schedule a meeting…


1. Add A Live Video Chat Box To Your Website In 2 Minutes


You can give CustomerIcare live video chat a try for free and install a chat window on your website in few minutes.


Here’s what you need to do:

  • – Open a free CustomerIcare account by clicking the “try for free” button in the header (no strings attached, no credit card required)
  • – Paste your personal html code before the tag of your webpage
  • – Choose your password to finalize the sign-up process
  • – Start video chatting with website visitors!

That’s it. It’s that simple.


Video Chat Support On Website Admin Pannel


If you want more details about the setup process, check out our step by step tutorial on how to add the CustomerIcare video chat window to your website


2. Why Live Video Chat Support? Is It The Right Tool For You?


We know video chat support isn’t right for everyone. Like most products, it can be really useful to some and a total waste of time to others.

    From our experience, here are 3 types of companies we know benefit from video support:

  • – big corporations who want to make their customer service more human
  • – companies selling expensive products (cars, computers…)
  • – companies selling services requiring a high degree of trust (consultants, trainers, lawyers…)

We’ve wrote a really detailed article to help you decide if video chat support is the right tool for your company.


3. Big Companies Offering Video Chat Support


Huge actors in the online business are already putting video chat support to the test.

One of the best example is Amazon and its MayDay button for Kindle.

Kindle users can now reach out to Amazon customer support by clicking a simple button. They’ll then have a consultant pop-up on their screen to answer all their questions.

But Amazon is not alone anymore!
Google decided to test video support for Adwords customers using Google Hangouts. While the project is still experimental, it’s a huge improvement for the brand who wasn’t always known to offer excellent support.

The problem is, you probably are no Google or Amazon. You don’t have money or time to invest in building your own live video chat support system.
That’s why we are here!
We want to make the technology accessible to help smaller businesses compete with the biggest actors.
We know how important personal customer support can be for small companies.


4. What Will You Need To Offer Quality Customer Service Through Video Chat?


In order to give your customers a good video chat experience, you’ll need to check a few boxes before you even get started:
– make sure you have a video friendly environment for agents (neutral or branded background, good lighting, decent webcam…)
– teach your agents NOT to multitask (there’s nothing worst than video chatting with someone and seeing you don’t have their full attention)
– train your agents for positive body language (open arms, smile…)
– adopt a consistent dress code (it doesn’t mean that all your agents needs to wear a suit but the way they dress should be consistent with your company culture)

A lot of companies actually have sales representatives handle video chat which limits the need for training as most of them are already used to video or face to face interactions.


5. Industry Specific Tips And Recommendations


We are seeing an increasing demand for video chat in specific industries like online clothing, banking or automotive.

    That’s why we wrote articles highlighting the specific benefits of live chat support in these industries:

  • How Can Online Banks Build Customers Trust Using Live Video Chat
  • How Can Car Dealers Use Live Video Chat Support
  • Why Online Clothing Stores Should Add Video To Live Chat Support


    Wondering what live chat can do for your business?
    Give CustomerIcare a try and see for yourself! It's 100% free, no strings attached.
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