How To Add Live Chat To Your Website In 5 Minutes

a journey of a thousand chats begins with one small 5-minutes live chat set-up


If you got to this article, I’ll assume that you want to know how to add live chat to your website. Right?

Ok, so let’s jump right into it and see how you can add a beautiful live chat window and start chatting with website visitors in few minutes!


Step 1: Pick Your Live Chat Solution


How to pick a live chat solution to add to your website


It’s a competitive world out there for live chat providers. We know, we’re a part of it.
This means it’s a nightmare to compare and choose!

We have an article here comparing CustomerIcare to the main live chat providers on the market.

Granted, there’s a solution for everyone. We’re a great choice if you plan to use live chat to increase sales.
Why? Because we are focused on marketing automation and are building some brand new, never seen features to help you get more leads (even while you are offline).

Now that we established that we are clearly the best. Let’s move on to step 2.


Step 2: Open A Free Trial Account


opening a live chat free trial to add chat to website


I was joking around about us being the best choice (or was I?). In all seriousness, there is only one way to find out which solution is right for you: Taking advantage of the free trial!

Click the button below to open a free CustomerIcare trial. If you dare…

Tsss, of course I dare! Take me to the signup page.


Spoiler alert: We ask you for your email on the sign-up page. Once you’ve got that covered and click the red sign up button, we take you to a quick tutorial to get setup, let you decide on a password and that’s it!

No credit card, no company name, no phone number, no social security number.


Step 3: Add The Live Chat Code To Your Website


Feeling like a superhero after adding your live chat code to your website


If you don’t have the access or knowledge to add the code to your website, don’t panic. You can send an email to your IT team or just skip the step and come back to it later.
We have a more detailed tutorial on how to add the chat code to your website here: Install The Live Chat Plugin Code

If you do have the skills and access, or a nice IT guy/gal close to you, copy the code we give you and paste it on your website just before the closing “body” tab.

And Voila! You successfully added the chat window to your website and can start chatting.

Note to WordPress users: We have a WordPress plugin that will install the code on your WordPress website automatically. Click here to check out our fantastic WordPress tutorial.


Step 4: Do A Happy Dance (Optional) And Start Chatting


When you are done adding live chat to your website and it's awesome


You should now see a chat button on your website.

If you want to start playing around with the chat right away to see how it works. Login to the CustomerIcare app, make sure you are available to take chats and ask a colleague to start a chat with you. Or, open a new “Incognito” window in Chrome and start a chat with yourself (I personally don’t mind conversing with myself but that’s a personal choice).

By now, we’re hoping that you have a smile on your face and your mind is blown away by how easy that was. Or, you know, you’re generally happy with how adding a chat window to your website went!

If that’s not the case, come chat with us or send us an email and we’ll help put a smile on your face.


Disclaimer: We apologize for the embarrassing attempt at being funny. We can’t promise it won’t happen again.

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