Enterprise: Host Live Chat On Your Own Servers

What you’ll learn in this article:
– The advantaged of on-premises installation over SaaS
What’s included in our Enterprise plan
Who usually choose on-premises installation


I was shocked.

Do you know how many companies use on-premises help-desk softwares as opposed to cloud-based solutions?

According to a new research from the help desk systems evaluation firm Software Advice, 68% of them do!


live chat and help desk on-premises VS could based


I’m a startup marketer.
I live and breathe cloud.

This was a reality check and a big marketing slap in my face!

Because we offer on-premises chat installation in our Enterprise package!

We just never gave the option the right amount of marketing attention.

Startups are all about learning from mistakes so let’s change this, shall we.

Here’s everything you should know about hosting our live chat system on your own servers.


1. Why Install Live Chat On Your Own Servers?


One word: control.
No, ok, 2 words: control & customization.

Software Advice’s study found that 44% of on-premises help desk users cite “Having more control” as their main motivation for hosting the solution on their servers.


[Insert Graph]Top reason for choosing on-premises live chat


Customization is something I added speaking from experience with our live chat enterprise customers.
Let me explain:

When you are a cloud SaaS company you need to learn to say no to feature requests.
If you don’t, you’ll die.

There’s one big problem though:
Sometimes huge companies come to you. They’re really interesting in your solution…


…they need this one (or often more) feature to buy.

We know our live chat can help enterprises and we know how important specific features can be to succeed.

That’s where the “custom feature request” option in our Enterprise plan came from.

It kept us from turning down amazing opportunities and allowed some of our bigger clients to walk away with an ultra customized solution.



2. There’s A Lot More That Comes With On-Premises Live Chat Installation


Integration with your own tool

One of the biggest reasons enterprises decide to host live chat on their own servers is because they want a seamless integration with their help desk or CRM system.

In their study, Software Advice found that 45% of companies cite “live chat integration” as a frequently used help desk functionality.


Live chat as one of the most used help desk integrations


For us, it means that it’s essential that live chat integrates well with a company’s help desk.


Top-notch, full scale support

Have a technical question about the software?
Our tech team is there for you!

Wondering how you could get a little more chats?
Ask our marketing peeps!

Not sure what color your chat window should be?
We’ll help you choose!

Wondering what to eat for lunch?
Hey, we can always make suggestions!

We love our customers and nothing makes us happier than being able to help.

We’ll usually work side by side with enterprise client a lot more than we’d do with our cloud users for the good reason that we are building something together.

This means killer service and open communication.
That’s what you’ll get.


3. Hell! Give Your Enterprise The Live Chat Solution It Deserves


I was also struck by the rest of the study (see the Slides below for all the stats):


Software Advice UserView: Help Desk Software Report 2015 from Software Advice


84% of companies are planning to increase their help desk investments in 2015.

44% want to do so to add features.
Even sweeter!

I don’t think it’s being cocky to say that part of these investments will go toward live chat systems.

Now listen:
Most chat solutions are cloud based but it doesn’t mean you have to settle for it.

Corporations often have problems and requirements that are very different from those of a startup.

Your enterprise is unique.
It needs a chat that can be unique too!


What about the price?

Our enterprise plan is a one-time payment purchase with tailored pricing.
We define together what features you want to add, how many operators seat you need…
Once that’s settled, we agree for a price and help you deploy the chat on your servers.

It’s that simple!

If it sounds like what you are looking for, just hit us up at info@customericare.com and we will send you a quote.


To Sum It All Up


You can (and should) host live chat on your own servers if:

– you want super tailored integrations
– need specific features
– prefer paying upfront and not on a monthly basis
– want more control over your live chat software
– need a big amount of operator seats (it will save you money)


If you said yes to at least on of these, you know what you need to do!

Just write to us at info@customericare.com with your specifications.



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