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Live Chat Software For Drupal

So you spent countless hours on making your Drupal Theme look beautiful!

Now it’s time to chat with your website’s visitors. We offer a free live chat plugin for Drupal 7 and 6.

Download the live chat plugin

After downloading the plugin follow our instructions to easily implement CustomerICare Live chat on your Drupal 7 website!

The live chat for Drupal integration allows you to do just that and more!

  • It’s free!
  • It adds a chat box to your website
  • It’s a simple plugin, no coding required
  • You can easily turn it on and off whenever you want it available

Livechat for Drupal Integration Guide

Step 1: Sign in to Drupal

  • Log on to
  • Sign in with your usual login credentials
  • Go to Modules and search for CustomerICare livechat

Step 2: integrating the chat box

  • Download the extension from
  • If you don’t have a licence, Sign Up at
  • Sign on to your CustomerICare app here to start chatting!

Congratulations, you integrated livechat with Drupal!

Now all it takes is that you refresh your website and voila! Your chat box is active sand ready to start greeting customers!

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