How To Boost Your Online Sales With Live Chat

What you’ll learn in this article:

– How to choose the right live chat avatar to make your website more human and increase trust
– How to boost sales by proactively offering your help to website visitors
– How to adapt your sales pitch to live chat so you don’t drive potential customers away


Don’t you hate it when you spend hours working on a new brilliant marketing campaign, launch it, see a spike in traffic, but… NO sales.

It happens to the best of us.

Truth is, it happens to big businesses all the time.
The only difference is that they spend so much money on each marketing campaign, they’re 99% sure to see an increase in sales.

Yet, believe me, a lot of their campaigns aren’t doing a lot better than your small business “no sales” campaigns.

Luckily, you have a super secret small business weapon to help you boost your online sales: YOU!

Not your skills, not your product.
You, as a person.

People work with small businesses because they are cheaper, more innovative, and above all, more human.
Yes, being human can help you increase online sales! Who would have thought.

I am not going to teach you how to be human (although it’s not as easy as you’d think).

I am going to give you tips to make your website more human using live chat.


1. Give Your Website a Human Face With a Good Live Chat Avatar


I love it when businesses use default faceless avatars. Said no one, ever!

To use a simple example, you wouldn’t let your social media accounts look like this:


Default picture on social media accounts


Default profile pictures kill trust in business!

If you want to use like chat to boost your sales, you and your team will need to use real pictures.

Here’s what avatars look like on a CustomerIcare proactive chat invitation (This is our CEO):


live chat real avatar to boost online sales


If you don’t want to show your face, you can always use the logo of your company.
Just know that it will make your chat window feel a little more impersonal which won’t help your small business.


“Can I use a stock photo?”
No, no, no, and no! Most stock photos are cheesy as hell and look very unprofessional. Believe me, people would rather see you than a model with an empty toothpaste commercial smile.
Customers are not looking to chat with a model, they just want answers to their questions.

We offer video chat in addition to text chat. It help you gain trust faster and sell high value products.

We’ve had business owners telling us that they don’t customers want to see their face while shopping online. Honestly, you will always care a lot more about showing your face than customers will about seeing it. If they need to ask more complex questions, they will appreciate the opportunity to video or at least audio chat with you.


2. Boost Online Sales By Proactively Offering Your Help


I’m sure you’ve been there.

You go to a new store for the first time with a list of needed products in hand. The store is huge and you have no idea where to start when a lovely shop assistant asks you if you need any help.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll usually look for few minutes before asking for help. Yet, if someone offers to help, I’ll usually tell them what I’m looking for, end up saving precious time and leave the store a satisfied customer.

Online shopping works exactly the same.
Except there’s usually no one to ask you if you need any help when you get lost. So you end up leaving the website to go check the competition.


Just to be clear, there is no way to make sure all customers will easily find what they are looking for.

But, there’s an easy way to make sure they will know where to ask for help: Proactive chat invitations.

Here’s how you can set them up in CustomerIcare:


add triggers to boost online sales with live chat


You can set up automated invitations that will be shown to visitors who spent a certain amount of time on your website, who came from a specific city and more.

You wouldn’t believe how the answer to a simple question can sometimes turn a browser into an engaged customer.


3. Rethink Your Sales Pitch For Live Chat


I absolutely hate listening to sales pitch.
You know why? Because, most of the time, they don’t answer any of my questions!

When chatting with customers, you can’t afford to type or copy paste long sales pitches. Simply because they won’t read them.

Have you ever received a long chat message from a friend? Did you pay utmost attention to it or skimmed through it as quick as possible?
I’d put my money on the second option if I had to.

Chat is instant, it’s quick. Long messages completely defeat the purpose.

We’ve recently added canned responses to CustomerIcare and we know they can help you save precious time. Yet, most companies get them all wrong and write down long canned messages customers never read.

On live chat, you can’t make a long presentation of your product. You need to focus on asking the right questions to find out exactly what your customers need.

With that in mind, you won’t deliver a typical sales pitch but you can point people towards the right product or mention features answering their specific question.


Check out our article on how to sell via live chat to learn more about good practices.



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