Why There Is No Absolute Best Live Chat Software

Why there is no best live chat software option on the market


When looking for a new product or solution, we often search for the best [insert name of product].

Live chat is no exception.
According to Google Adwords, about 1000 requests are made monthly for the 3 main “best live chat software” keywords. In the live chat industry, that’s kinda huge.

This got me wondering. What makes a solution “the best one”?
Most reviews will give you a definite best and get on with their life. That’s really restrictive.

In this article we’ll help you make an informed decision based on more criteria than “we think this one’s the best”.


It Has To Be The Best Live Chat Software FOR YOU


Find the best live chat software for you!


Sure, some chat solutions are overall better than others but it’s impossible to have one solution be the best for everyone.

You need to have few things in mind before you start looking:
– How many people will be taking care of chats?
– Do you want to focus on customer service or sales?
– Are you happy just having the chat window or do you need analytics / website monitoring…?
– Will you need the solution to integrate with other softwares?
– How customizable do your want your chat window to be?

If you are looking for a simple chat solution to be able to talk to website visitors, you’ll probably be happy with one of the free solutions out there.
If you are looking for a more advanced app that’s able to track your results, collect data, proactively invite visitors… You will need a more advanced live chat software.

Our app is quite new but definitely falls under the second category. More than that, we are mostly sales targeted and we know this won’t fit everyone’s needs.

Click here and signup to see what I’m talking about (There’s 14 days for free)


Best In 2010 Doesn’t Mean It Is Still The Best In 2015


The best live chat software today could become bad tomorrow


The problem when making a statement about so or so being the best live chat software is that it is the best for you, at the moment. In order to be fair, you’d need to constantly update your list. Let’s be honest, very few listing websites do that…

To go back to the quote at the beginning of the article, being the best means that you are constantly working to be better.

When looking for a solution, try to look for a software that’s updated often and actively supported.

This kind of software are the one that will end up being the best in the long run.

We constantly work on new improvement and features at CustomerIcare. We are a small team but we’re always trying to better integrate user feedback within our overall vision.
Our next plan includes adding marketing automation features to offline messages so you can actively generate leads even when you are not available to chat.


In A World Of Possibilities, Best Support Wins


The best chat app is the one that offers the best support


Let’s be honest, most live chat softwares offer the same features for similar prices.
Customer service often make all the difference when you pay for the product.

We know we are far from perfect but we do care about our customers and do our best to offer stellar support.

When you look at online reviews, people often mention the same features but comments about support are always unique. That’s what gives your company personality and that’s one aspect of business we want to be better at than competitors.

Don’t take my word for it.
Here’s what one of our WordPress users said about us:

“This plugin plays well with others, like membermouse and my responsive theme. Not one conflict. Literally up and running in minutes. Consider how much the interface does, this is pretty amazing, I think.
Easy to customize the colors, location and message. The “send a message” tab is super convenient and comes directly to your email. Doesn’t slow things down.
Not to mention it is pretty cool to see folks on your site pages in real-time and to be able to talk to them. The customer service team is awesome, too! They really care about your business — even remembering my biz anniversary!”


Could CustomerIcare Be The Best Live Chat Software For You?


Could CustomerIcare be the best live chat for you?


I know we won’t be the perfect choice for everyone but we are for our customers and that’s what really matters.

What we do best:

– Sales and lead generation
Live chat can be a powerful sales tool and that’s what we are focusing on. We worked hard building “Triggers” to let you send automated chat invitations to website visitors to attract their attention.

– Affordable price for small teams
We played around with different pricing models but decided to come back to the basics with an affordable plan for everyone and an enterprise plan that’s customized to corporations’ needs.
NOTE: We are in the process of changing our pricing so stay tuned if you still get the old offer ($30 and $36).

– We care about you and your business
Live chat is a human business by nature. It helps you connect with customers online and we are motivated to make this kind of friendly chat communications the norm for online support. We are always trying to improve our service and we are more than open to hear your suggestions!

– Beautiful and easy to customize design
We spent a lot of time designing a beautiful and functional chat window for you and your customers. Our goal was to make it really easy to customize while keeping a certain framework for it. We’ve had some really good feedback on the design and really consider it one of our strong points.

If this sounds like the live chat software you are looking for…

Youhou! Signup for a free trial right now! *Happy dance*


If not… We know you will find the perfect live chat software for you and are sorry that we were not the one for you this time. But, hey, we’re still here if you have any questions about live chat in general!

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