CustomerICare is an alternative live chat software, not a livechat copy


After the stunning success and media coverage of livechatinc, dozens of companies have tried and failed to copy its alluring design and key functionality. Leading live chat software providers think different and so do we! Given the way people search for software nowadays however, we must embrace semantics and start out by being an alternative to livechat as a whole, not just a cheaper competitor.


Alternative to livechatinc

As companies become market leaders they stop taking risks, embrace their success and continue doing what led them to the top. The chat industry is evolving though. We constantly see people trying to make use of their built-in to laptops and mobile devices microphones and cameras, but being limited to Skype and maybe Facetime. We provide video and audio chat along with a much simpler design and easy mechanics. We also keep exploring new technology and make it our mission to redefine the industry with new ways to handle customer service and online sales.

CustomerICare vs. LiveChat

  • Audio and video chat
  • Multi-chat design
  • Easiest deployment and configuration ever
  • Available Enterprise level, on-premise installation


Alternative to Zopim

Zopim managed to attract a lot of customers with their free plan. We try going down the same road and noticed that it kept us from delivering the amazing service we wanted our customers to receive. Today, we might not be free but we make sure you see a return on your live chat investment and that’s what really matters!
We know we can help you grow but we need to be able to grow ourselves to make that happen.

CustomerICare vs. Zopim

  • Easier on the wallet with premium plans
  • Bigger, wider and accessible chat window design
  • Quicker development and readiness to design custom features


Alternative to LivePerson

The corporate pack leader, LivePerson has long been the go-to solution for LiveChat. They have remained loyal to their design principles which date back to the early 2000’s, have kept the user interface robust and functional, though it seems they missed the moment when live chat became easy and fun to use. Still being a corporate chat provider they should keep in mind what happened to BlackBerry when iPhones suddenly took offices by storm. We on the other hand are the lean and mean company which aims to please, delight and shower with love. A startup chat company that cares!

CustomerICare vs. LivePerson

  • Aesthetics and usability
  • Way cheaper, simpler pricing
  • Agents can actually learn to use us in just 5 minutes
  • No upselling sales calls. Transparency in pricing instead


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