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Live Chat is More Than Just a Customer Support & Service Tool

You’ve come to see Live Chat, as a customer support and service tool, which rather than helping you, puts you in a situation, where you need to stay online 24/7.

However, it’s time to view Live Chat as more than that as it can become one of your main customer acquisition channels.

Note: This post was inspired by an article, written by John Rampton of Forbes, “Content Marketing Funnel: 5 Steps to Customer Acquisition”.
Coming from numerous sources, inbound customer acquisition strategies are mainly addressed through SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Social Media.

My quarrel is – not enough attention gets spared for other channels, such as Live Chat.

5 Steps to Customer Acquisition with Live Chat:

1.Chat invitation to build awareness.

I’m all for inbound marketing and using the “pull” approach to attract customers, but sometimes your strategies aren’t delivering to such an extent, as you would wish them to.

People are clicking on your links, opening your emails, reading your SEO-smart articles, and yet they don’t even think of purchasing your product.

In the era of digital goods, where our attention span is reduced  to 8 seconds, people are less conscious of your product.

Why else do you think some exit-intent software providers charge a whopping $4000 per month?

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There needs to be something to plant an idea in your potential customer’s head, and if all of the above-mentioned fails, you could create a simple trigger-based reminder, either to chat or to ask to check out your product.
Easy. Not intrusive. Effective.

Live Chat Invitation

2.Pre-chat message to influence consideration.

We have managed to plant the idea in our customers head, thus building awareness. Whether it’s to consider a product or chat with support, the first step is completed. Now, as they click on your chat invitation, it’s up to you which direction to take the conversion in.

There are wonders to be done with a pre-written message to build up awareness into consideration. They are greeted with an easy-going message, which could be universally adapted to engage every customer’s attention (would require some good copywriting on your side).

Don’t worry about writing like Neil Gaiman, as it needs to speak to every customer. Remember, your message needs to be short, to the point and delivered in accordance with the triggers of your choice.

Example: Triggers set up to target a person that has landed on your blog, went to your home page, and is currently checking your product page.

Pre-chat message

3.The conversation to help them make a decision.

We have got the customer to talk to you. Great Success! (in my over-the-top Borat accent).

Remember the above-mentioned quote: “Sometimes, a successful acquisition can be a matter of having a simple chat, providing simple answers to simple questions”. This is the exact moment to make use of it.

Whether directly through promotional talk or indirectly through providing customer support, you swiftly assist in moving people down the funnel. With your guidance all doubts can be cleared, problems addressed, and decisions made.

The live chat conversation

Make the conversation as interesting and practical to people’s needs as possible. Don’t hesitate to use quick responses, if that’s what it takes. However, make sure Live Chat is the medium of communication your website visitors would like to return to.

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Now, as the newly acquired prospects, people need help addressing their purchase-related questions.

Problems that would otherwise deter even the most enthusiastic prospects, can be easily avoided, as they already have their loyal live chat sidekick, guiding them through all the tranches of misinterpreted steps, confusing promotions, and complicated checkouts.

Live Chat Invitation

In fact, did you know, that 57% of online shoppers are very likely to abandon their purchase if their questions are not answered quickly?
This means that by using Live Chat you skip right to the bottom of the funnel, thus avoiding a large bottleneck for your business.

Check out 5 Simple Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment for best practices, and compiled statistics.


Now, as we have a successful purchase, it’s time to leave the rest to our onboarding emails and switch our attention to the next website visitor, right?


The beauty of customer acquisition with live chat is that when a customer goes through this funnel, he has a chance to experience the most seamless interaction with a customer service representative (with some effort on your part).

So seamless, that neither social media, nor email, nor phone can beat it.

So should the customer have any immediate questions, where does he turn to?

Live chat.


Being a startup ourselves and having tried different channels, we understand the difficult task of customer acquisition.

In fact, we’ve recently posted a summary of onboarding over 500+ SaaS users, and we can proudly say that our Live Chat was one of the main channels of acquisition

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