One Tool You Clearly Forgot To Increase Conversion Rate

You somehow find yourself unable to convert more than 5% of your leads. There is one tool you Clearly forgot that will help you increase Conversion Rate.


There is an abundance of ways to generate Leads, we are using them, you are using them, everybody is using them.


Some of them include:

1. A Beginner’s Guide to Inbound Lead Generation

2. 13 Creative Ways to use LinkedIn for Lead Generation

3. 10 Ways to Generate More Leads

4. 6 Tips to Acquire Customers with Your About Page

5. The Ten Commandments of an Awesome Lead-Generating Website


And yet, as you manage to pull off that one persuasive email, tweak your website, deliver some knock-out content, nail a SlideShare presentation or boldly ask them for checking out your page, you somehow find yourself unable to convert more than 5% of your leads. (According to MarketingSherpa’s Benchmark Study of 2,912 companies)


Overall Ecommerce Conversion Rate Study


Let’s go over the basics and see the ONE conversion tool you forgot.


1. Clear homepage


Make your webpage as clear as possible. Do not waste space on unnecessary details. Do not make your users look for information, they don’t have the attention span to scan through all that data. Present your product in the most accessible way.


Homepage Design Checklist to Increase Conversion Rate




2. Conversion through social media.


With Social Media being at the top of Internet Usage, you absolutely cannot afford to pass on the opportunity to get found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, what have you…apparently, even Snapchat in the near future.

And while you’re at it, promote your Company’s story, as a picture along a Call to Action is not enough anymore.


As Neil Patel puts in Boost Conversion rate on a Shoestring Budget:

“Stories are a powerful way to connect with your readers and boost your conversion rate.”


Social Media Marketing Checklist to Increase Conversion Rate




3. Clear Landing Page


Once people take interest in your product, be it on social media, PPC ad, or search engines, you may want them to arrive on your landing page, promoting, say, a special offer, to ultimately satisfy your conversion goal.

While creating a Landing Page you have to realize that it needs to be crafted with a specific objective in mind, and that is solely to CONVERT.


When it comes to creating a landing page that converts, you should focus on cutting down on generalities of your home page.

The idea is to make it as focused on your goal (Signup, E-mail subscription, Product purchase) as possible.


Remember the Clear as possible rule for Homepages? Yes, it also applies here.

Now keeping that in mind, here’s a Checklist for your Landing Pages.


Landing Page Checklist to Increase Conversion Rate




4. Testimonials


Testimonials are a display of social proof, one of the most powerful marketing tools.

A tool that gives your web page a human feel, a sort of guarantee, that what you’re offering has been tried by someone already, and they were pleased enough to share their experience.


You might not be able to speak your potential customer’s language, but your testimonials will.


Not only that, your testimonials might be able to speak to your strengths and make up for your weaknesses. Your potential customers will interpret them as a safeguard against faulty practices, and an encouragement to give your product a try.

However remember, in order for Testimonials to fulfill their role they need to be REAL, not generic.


Testimonials Checklist to Increase Conversion Rate




This about sums it up, right? Wrong.


Here’s One Essential Conversion Tool You Clearly Forgot.


You have  implicated all of the abovementioned tools, cleared your home page, set your social media to convert, made clear targeted landing pages, and added testimonials, and yet, you fail to cross that 5% conversion mark.

Could you have forgotten something?


Live chat


Easily omitted, Live chat can become your most successful conversion tool, yet, increasing conversion by 31%.


While all of the other conversion tools have the potential to drive your conversion rates up, they offer “offline” solutions, unable to directly affect your leads’ behavior in the most critical of moments, the moment they reach a decision .

Here’s where the live chat comes in.

With live chat, you leave little to chance, and more to directly affecting your leads’ decision.


Addition of Video Live chat to your website can increase conversion by 212%. (


The key purpose of this tool is to guide the lead through your web page, while focusing attention on key aspects that would’ve otherwise been dismissed. Furthermore, live chat brings the much-needed human touch to Support by offering real-time help, which in turn increases retention. 

Finally, with the addition of Video Chat, you erase the boundary between online self-service and an in-person meeting, thus increasing the Sales Conversion by 212% (


Live Chat Checklist to Increase Conversion Rate




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