Live Chat For Zendesk

Live Chat for Zendesk – Create tickets after hours through offline message forms


Staying in touch 24/7 can be hard work. As with everything though, there’s an app for that! Sync your CustomerICare live chat with Zendesk helpdesk tools to maintain customer relationships when you sleep.

Every time you sign out of livechat it will shift into a lead hunting form, gathering information such as:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • e-mail address
  • Questions

As you sign in the next day, you can review these left messages and respond via e-mail. With Zendesk integrated, you can immediately assign those messages to support agents handling incoming tickets. They can be responded to straight from there, and with the added benefit of Zendesk Macros these cases can be re-routed and handled with minimum effort!

Thank you Zendesk for being so awesome!


Live Chat for Zendesk integration guide


Step 1: getting the right keys

  • The Subdomain is your company name behind Zendesk, i.e.
  • The Login is the e-mail you use to sign in and manage Zendesk
  • The API token can be found after logging into Zendesk: Admin > Channels > API > Token Access > Add new token


Step 2: integrating with livechat

  • Sign on to your CustomerICare app here.
  • Follow to Settings > Integrations > Zendesk. Fill in the information from Step 1
  • Save Changes


Congratulations, you integrated Live Chat with Zendesk!

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