Automating Lead Generation With Live Chat Triggers

What you’ll learn in this article:

– How to set up lead generation live chat triggers in CustomerIcare
– What kind of triggers work best for lead generation (With real examples of rules you can create right away)
What not to do when using live chat for lead generation


People often see live chat as a customer service tool, but it’s a lot more than that. Providing existing customers with instant help is great. Giving potential buyers a fast way to reach you can be even more profitable!

The great thing about using live chat triggers for lead generation is that it takes the best of marketing automation while still making sure your customers will eventually get to talk to a real human being. Let me tell you, this human touch is your best competitive advantage in nowadays automated, growth hacking oriented online world.

Enough about the “why”, let’s get you started with live chat lead generation!


1. How To Set Up Lead Generation Live Chat Triggers With CustomerIcare


Log in to your CustomerIcare account (or sign up for a free for life account here).

– Go to the “Settings” tab and select “Triggers” from the drop-down menu


Add a lead generation trigger in CustomerIcare live chat


– Click “Add a new rule” and follow the steps in the image bellow
Let’s say for example that we want to invite returning visitors to chat.


Set up an automated chat invite in Customericare live chat app


– Click “save” and get ready to start chatting!


2. Good Examples of Triggers to Boost Lead Generation With Live Chat


We’ve seen how to invite returning visitors above. They’re a pretty good target to start with as they are interested in your product if they come back to your website.

Here are few others triggers you can set up to work some live chat lead generation magic:


– Invite first time visitors who seem to be interested in your product


Proactive live chat invite for lead generation based on time on site


You can look at your average time on site stats to set up your trigger. Just let people time to go through some of your content before inviting them.
It will increase your chances to get them to accept your chat request.


– Invite visitors from your city to come to your brick and mortar location


Proactive live chat invite for lead generation based on city


Don’t hesitate to offer customers discounts for your brick and mortar shop or to invite them to events. People will appreciate feeling special!
A customer of ours also used chat to set up in person appointments with their customers.


– Invite visitors browsing your contact page


Proactive live chat invite for lead generation based on the page visitors are browsing


Showing a chat invitation on your contact page makes sense right?
Lots of people don’t even know the option exists and notify them when they are looking to contact you can be a great way to get more chats (and more customers).


– Invite visitors coming from one of your marketing campaigns (indicate the name of a website you advertised on as the source of traffic)


Proactive live chat invite for lead generation based on where your traffic comes from


Every marketer knows how disappointed it can be to run a campaign, get a lot of hits but little to no conversions! Lots of factors can explain why your landing pages don’t convert but showing chat invitations to visitors there can be a great way to get more insight.


3. What NOT To Do When Using Live Chat For Lead Generation


We know live chat is an awesome tool to generate new leads but you’ll still need to respect some basic rules if you want it to work for your business.


– Don’t invite your visitors more than once

I’m sure this happened to you more than once: you’re visiting a new website, looking at a product or reading an article and enjoying it, when all the sudden a message pop-up inviting you to join a newsletter.
It’s annoying (first of all because pop-ups are kind of evil), but ok you close it and go back to what you were doing. That’s when another window pop-up!
I don’t know about you but for me that’s it, I’m leaving the website!

We offer the possibility to invite visitors by hand in our “Traffic” section. We also make it easy to spot visitors who have already been invited to chat. Make sure you don’t send another invitation to those visitors!


– Make sure your live chat triggers work well with other lead generation tools

If you use your website to sell products, you might already use other lead generation tools that are event based. I am for example thinking of pop-ups inviting blog readers to subscribe to your newsletter.

When setting up a new live chat trigger, try to make sure it won’t be displayed on the same pages as your pop-ups. You can for example have your newsletter pop-up on your blog only while your chat invite will show up on your main page.

Our tool allows you to combine rules and exclude pages doing so.
For example, we set-up a chat invite in english and didn’t want it to show up on the polish version of our website. Here’s what the trigger looks like:


Exclude pages from live chat trigger for better lead generation


If you don’t want the chat invite to show up to your blog visitors, just add the word “blog” (or your blog url) as the phrase to exclude. It’s as simple as that!


– Make sure you’ll be able to answer quickly

When sending a proactive invite, you’ll get your customers thinking that you are available to chat right away. Make sure they won’t have to wait more than few seconds for an answer as it will defeat the original purpose or your trigger.

Note that triggers will only display when at least one of your consultants is available. It’s then up to you to make sure your team answers chat as quickly as they can!


Have any questions regarding live chat lead generation? Click on the chat button at the bottom of the page to chat with us or send us a message!

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