[eBook] Polite Done Right, Script Ideas to Boost Customer Satisfaction




Working in customer service can be tough. Customers rarely call because they are happy, and representatives have to face stressful situations everyday.

Good customer service only comes from quality training. I am not talking about giving your front line employees live chat scripts to follow, but about giving them the tools to face angry customers and turn them into loyal ones.

That’s what this ebook is all about. It’s the perfect tool to share with your team and use in weekly trainings!

What’s inside?

– commented examples of real scripts to help you avoid common mistakes

– actionable tips to help you handle challenging customer service situations (angry customers, weird questions, apologies after making a mistake…)

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Learn how to handle the toughest customer service situations like a pro Ebook Polite Done Right



Still not sure our ebook is right for you? Here’s what others said about it:


“I thoroughly enjoyed your “Polite done Right!” eBook. In fact, I printed it out and gave it to every member of my team. We have also integrated it into our weekly training meeting. So, thank you!”

– Amanda, Thermoworks


Very informative and was great to share it with my team members. Thanks to your team.”

– Scott, B2C Jewels


“I would like to say I absolutely LOVE the format of the ebook.  It was very easy to read and comprehend with the format it is in (color blocks, sample conversations and tips on how to handle them, etc.), and it was a fun read! I can’t wait to incorporate some of the tips I’ve picked up from the book, thank you so much!!”

– Michelle, Jan Pro



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