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Increase conversions with proactive live chat technology.


Live chat software for business to increase sales and improve customer service


Real-time web analytics

See what people are doing on your website and how they got there. Run reports and view statistics of how you perform.


Chat with clients

Allow your website to become alive. Text, audio and video with visitors while they are browsing your site!


Live video chat

Contact website visitors whenever they need help the most. Guide them through your website, convince the hesitant, and directly affect their buying decision. Just like in-person!


How to improve customer relationships?

I went through 100+ reviews from customers. People say that it brings in more sales, customers prefer to use chat and having video gives their store a competitive advantage. Users mention that that the ability to customize the chat window, gather offline messages and see what customers are doing on their website in real-time are key for their business operations. And Forbes says that 64% shoppers are receptive to live chat!

CustomerICare can be used as a small business chat window, an enterprise chat widget, a live help application but also as a visitor monitoring solution, conversion rate optimization software tool for business, educational institutions and non-profit organizations.

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You can see who’s visiting your site in real time and who needs help. Even before they lose interest and leave the site, you can extend help immediately with the live chat tool. You can also send personalized invitations based on the visitor’s behavior in your site, such as: browsing time; number of visits; specific page visited; city the visitor is; traffic source; and page views. This information can help you send targeted content including special interest deals, “welcome back” greetings, and product demo. Moreover, you can embed proactive chat invitations in your critical pages to anticipate customers’ FAQs.


Integrated with your favorite CMS

Free for Magento Free for Wordpress Free for Drupal Free for Joomla ...and more!

All The Live Chat Features You Need!

CustomerICare allows browser based calls

Click to call allows you to talk with customers over the browser. Why look for your telephone, when you can call with a click?

CustomerICare has canned responses

Live chat with several website visitors at once. Increase ROI and reduce customer service costs!

CustomerICare monitors users in real time

Real-time monitoring is better than Google Analytics, because it not only shows people on your site, but also let's you invite them to chat!

CustomerICare is customizable

Customization enables you to change the color, forms and overall feeling of your chat. Make it fit your site!

CustomerICare allows pre-written scripts

Quick Responses are pre-written scripts which can be pulled up by clicking # during chats. This speeds up your work tenfold!

CustomerICare allows performance evaluation

Conversation rating gives your customers an opportunity to share their impression of the chat.

CustomerICare is safe and secure

SSL Security means all connections are encrypted. Your chats are safe with us!

CustomerICare is configurable

Advanced mechanics for all you power users! Filter out prospects, chat with a selected target group, invite customers automatically!

CustomerICare sneak peek

Sneak-peek as the name says is a sneaky way to see what your customers are typing before they send it. Imagine the possibilities!


Live Chat is big in the media

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